Dr Mark Rosenthal


Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

also specialist in Food Allergies & Disorders of Sleep

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T: 0207 351 8754

E: s.harvey@rbht.nhs.uk

A:The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, SW3 6NP

Many children feel anxious when they have a doctor’s appointment, even when it is just a routine visit to your private paediatrician in London. The best way to overcome these anxieties is to find out their cause. Once you know why your child is afraid of going to the doctor, you can find a way to reassure him or her.


Fear of Pain or Illness
One of the most common reasons for children to be afraid of going to the doctor is the expectation of having a vaccination. It is easy to reassure your child when you know that there won’t be any injections as long as they know that you would never lie about it. When an injection is coming, you should be honest with your child and try offering a reward for overcoming their fear. Children can also worry that other painful tests or treatments might be needed when they see the private paediatrician at the London clinic. Some children can also worry that something is seriously wrong, that they might have to go to a hospital, or even that they might be dying. Getting your child to open up about these fears can help you to provide the right kind of reassurance.

Anxiety about the Unknown
Children can also have less specific fears about going to their private paediatrician in London. Simply not knowing what to expect can be just as worrying as dreading an injection or a serious illness. Explaining why you are going to the doctor and what will happen there can be very helpful.

Fear of the Doctor
In some cases, it is actually the doctor themselves who makes a child feel uneasy. Some doctors can seem stern and unfriendly to children, even though they may just appear efficient and professional to you. Finding a doctor who is good with children can help, so it can be a good idea to see a private paediatrician in London rather than a busy GP.

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