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Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

also specialist in Food Allergies & Disorders of Sleep

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Could You Spot These Common Signs of Sleep Disorders in Children?

Sleep disorders in children can cause a wide range of symptoms. Although some of these are easy to recognise, others can be easy to overlook or to confuse with other causes.

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Cold and flu are very common at this time of year, but do you know how to tell the difference between the two?

The Best Travel Destinations for Food Allergies

If you’re worried about travelling with a child who has a food allergy, it can help to choose the right destination. Many countries are well prepared for visitors with food allergies and there are plenty of places where the local cuisine usually avoids common allergens.

Common Causes of Wheezing in Babies and Children

Wheezing is a common symptom in young children, but it can have many different causes. The first step towards finding the right approach for wheezing baby treatment is to find out what is wrong.

How to Treat Fever in Children?

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of viral infection in children, so it is important to know how to treat it and when to see a doctor.

Summer Symptoms: Is it a Cold, Hay Fever or Asthma?

Hay fever can be easy to confuse with viral infections in children in summer, since both can cause sneezing and a blocked or runny nose.

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Children need more sleep than adults, but the amount required will change with age. It’s important to ensure that your child is getting enough rest at each stage in their development and to be aware of the signs of sleep disorders in children.

How to Tackle Anxiety When It’s Causing Sleep Problems in Children

Although they may seem too young to have any serious concerns, sleep disorders in children can be linked to anxiety about anything from schoolwork to the latest scare story on the news.

Which Medication Is Right for Pneumonia Treatment?

Every child who has pneumonia will benefit from getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and enjoying some attention from you. However, different kinds of pneumonia may require different types of medication.

How to Test for an Allergy

Suspecting that your child has an allergy is not the same as knowing for sure. It is important to seek advice from a doctor before making any drastic decisions about your child’s diet or lifestyle. A private paediatrician in London can test for allergies and provide advice on avoiding any triggers.

What You Need To Know About Flu Season

Flu season is the part of the year when you are most likely to catch influenza. Although it is possible to get flu at any point in the year, it tends to spread more quickly during the colder winter months, just like the common cold and other kinds of viral infection in children.

Teaching Children to Manage Their Own Food Allergies

Food allergies in children can be relatively simple to manage when they are young. However, at some point, your child is going to be old enough to go out without you. You need to be sure that they can buy a snack or eat at a friend’s house safely.

5 Tips for Cooking With Food Allergies

Food allergies in children can make cooking more difficult, but it is still possible to enjoy a healthy, tasty and varied diet when someone in the family has an allergy.

What Do Your Lungs Do?

Knowing a bit about what the lungs look like and what they are busy doing all day can help make sense of what your respiratory paediatrician is telling you.

How To Recognise Croup?

Croup is a very common viral infection in children that can affect the windpipe, the two airways that lead into the lungs, and the voice box.